How To Make Money With Clickbank

I’m going to show you a simple way to make your first Clickbank sales and an example of a very successful product you shouldn’t be promoting.

How To Be Broke With Clickbank- 12 Minute Affiliate Review

This product is called a 12-minute affiliate, with an insane gravity of 180. The 12-minute affiliate is created by a very established internet marketer Devon Brown and this one is really all about coming up with a done-for-you system that will allow you to plug in and then get results straight away.

12 minute affiliate

If you look at the sales page you can see that you can test drive the system for 9.95$. After that, it is 47$ per month.

It’s a system that allows you to plug and play and they have a whole bunch of different templated websites. They give an opt-in page, a capture page, sales pages, they give you the emails and you can choose a few different industries to sell into.

When you are reading this it doesn’t sound hard to make money with Clickbank, right?

They say that they’ve got done-for-you traffic but essentially the traffic is just solo ads. It’s not done for you, and you have to go out there and purchase the solo ads yourself which can be quite expensive. I personally hate solo ads, for me, it is one of the worst places to buy traffic and leads from.

This system is called the 12-minute affiliate because of the impression that you don’t have to do any work. That you can use a system and you can plugin and get instant traffic and start making sales straight away. Their sales page is structured like any other not working done-for-you systems and scams. There are also lots of upsells before you actually hit the final page.

When you get the 12-minute affiliate you do get a series of websites that are all set up for you and all you have to do is you have to go to a solo ad vendor to buy a solo ad. A solo ad is basically email traffic. And then you just send it to your sales funnel and then cross your fingers and you hope that the system is going to do its work and sell for you.

Here’s the reality of how this really works.

Common Problems With These Systems

Most done-for-you systems out there don’t work very well because all the affiliates that have bought the 12-minute affiliate are using the same pages. Even though it is technically done for you, you’re not branding yourself at all. And the only way that you can really get traction inside of the affiliate marketing industry is to go out there and brand yourself.

If you’re relying on other replicated websites generally speaking you’re not gonna get great results because there are thousands or even tens of thousands of affiliates just like you using the same pages. You don’t stand out from the other affiliate marketers that are using the same pages which means that the conversions will go down.

The other problem is that a lot of the sales pages are very static and there’s nothing about them that makes them interesting. There’s no real reason why someone would want to buy from those copy and paste templates and stuff like that.

This is what people have been teaching since 2005, it’s the same strategy. Buy solo ads and send them into a replicated sales funnel and then send the emails back to a Clickbank page.

You might be able to make a little bit of money but overall you’re not gonna be profitable because everybody is doing the same thing. The whole psychology of how this kind of marketing isn’t effective.

I honestly think that the worst way to learn how to become an entrepreneur is to use done-for-you systems. It’s like riding a bike with training wheels for your entire online marketing career.

The best way to actually learn how to be successful on the Internet is to learn how to generate traffic, not to buy it. Learn to build your own capture page, learn to build your own sales funnel, learn how to promote products properly instead of using done-for-you replicated websites that actually don’t give you the results they are claiming.

You have to get out of that mindset that you can’t do it and you need some sort of replicated system. If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way, all you have to do is read about it, watch videos, attend webinars and start implementing what you’ve learned.

You can start with my post to discover what you should know about affiliate marketing. Then I really suggest that you join Wealthy Affiliate for free and start learning real stuff from their videos.

How To Make Money With Clickbank

In order to make money with ClickBank, the first thing you have to do is to create a free Clickbank account. Once you’ve done that you want to click on the affiliate marketplace and basically Clickbank has a list of websites that you can choose to promote in different categories.

Clickbank marketplace

You can get from 50% to 75% commissions if you can get someone to purchase the Clickbank product through your affiliate link. Let me show you how to start.

Click on any category of your interest and then sort the results by gravity. Look for high-gravity products. Anything over 20 is considered profitable.

Basically, you click on the product and you have a look at it. Make sure it looks like the high-value product and review it. This review you’ll offer them as a free report.

When you find a product and write a review click on promotion, and then type in the username that you signed up for Clickbank with, and then click on create.

Clickbank link generator

That’s it you’ve got your affiliate link right there.

The next thing you should do is to create a simple opt-in page to collect people’s emails first and then to send them your review and redirect them to your affiliate link.

The reason why you want to get people’s emails first is that if they go to an affiliate link and they don’t buy the product that’s pretty much it, they’re gone forever. That’s a customer that’s never coming back. But if you send them to a funnel you can get their email and send them more similar affiliate links and offers.

Your opt-in page should have content about the product that you’re promoting and a call to action. When they click and type in their email send the free report and redirect them to the affiliate product or affiliate page.

You have them on your email list and you can promote to those people over and over again until they choose to opt-out, which rarely happens if you’re delivering value. You need to get people who are interested in this specific product to visit your landing page. Those people are called the target audience.

Where To Get Traffic From?

So what you should do is go to BuySellAds and go to their marketplace and find a website that can relate to your offer. With BuySellAds, you can pay them to put a banner advertisement a lot cheaper than on Facebook, and get good or even high-quality traffic. You want your Clickbank product and the buy-sell ads website that you choose to go hand in hand.

Now go to the affiliate tools page for this Clickbank offer and check if they have any banners they give to their affiliates. If they don’t have any you can simply create your own with Canva. Clickbank usually has the tools page underneath offers.

Clickbank affiliate tools

You need to find the size of the banner that matches the BuySellAds. So if they say the banner needs to be 300 by 250, make sure to make it in that size.

I know that the Clickbank offer and the BuySellAds go hand in hand and should convert into sales so the next thing you do is pay for an ad and then simply upload the banner and provide a link. It’s as simple as that.


Let’s summarize what you should do to make money with Clickbank.

You upload your banner to BuySellAds for the website you’ve chosen. Obviously, you want to choose a website that is associated with your Clickbank affiliate offer. Then you can either send them to your affiliate link and hope they buy the product or send them to a landing page where you ask for their email and then once they’ve submitted their email and download your report it redirects them to your affiliate link.

When you have them on your email list, you can use an autoresponder to potentially sell them more products or the same product down the road. Not everyone wants to buy something straight away and it’s easier to convince someone through email marketing. There you go, you have the method to make money with Clickbank.

Tell me, have you managed to make money with Clickbank so far?

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. I use these funds to feed my squirrels and you will not be charged extra. I love every product I recommend anyway, and you will too!

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