How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Pay close attention because I’m going to talk about how long it actually takes to make money with affiliate marketing. There’s a lot of people out there that get discouraged and I’ve been that person myself.

When you start with affiliate marketing you’re wondering how long it really takes to make money. If you’re getting into a Wealthy Affiliate or any other affiliate program with the mentality of getting rich quick you have the wrong mindset.

You have to change your mindset and realize that, when it comes to business the amount of time that it’s going to take for you to actually make money is dependent on you. It’s dependent on you and if you’re willing to actually educate yourself.

I’ve seen a lot of people get started in Wealthy Affiliate and in other affiliate programs failing to learn how everything works. They get disappointed because they’ve been in for seven days and they haven’t made any money and then they start calling things scam and they want their five dollars back. They weren’t even dedicated for the seven days that they’ve been in and they just quit and then they join something else a couple of weeks later.

Be Consistent

If you are always looking for the next best thing I’ll tell you there’s no next best thing. If you want to make money with Wealthy Affiliate or any other affiliate program learn the actual skills of building a business and income on the Internet and follow that process.

This is going to cost mostly your time, some of your money, and lots of energy. Affiliate marketing is a business, it’s not a hobby, it’s not a lottery and if you think that it is then you’re in the wrong business.

People don’t just hit a million dollars overnight, I hope you understand that. When you learn to attract people to your website you can promote anything and you can build a massive business and income.

That won’t happen overnight and if you can’t get people to come to check out what you have to offer what are the chances that you’ll make money?

Learning to attract people to your to and to actually market it is one of the most important things. I hope that makes sense to you. it wasn’t for me until I learned this the hard way after failing for years. But then I stumbled upon a person a was willing to share with me how they made it online.

Affiliate marketing is working and it can work for you. Just be willing to learn and be open to receive information and treat your business like a business.


Don’t expect things will happen overnight but except that things will happen if you’re consistent and persistent and if you’re willing to actually learn this internet marketing. Then you can definitely make it happen.

Are you ready to do that or not?

Anthony Miller

After 10 years of research, and experimentation, Anthony decided to start his own blog about affiliate marketing and making money online in general, named Badass Affiliate. His goal is to show you what it takes to successfully start an online business so you can provide a better life for you and your family.

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