What Are Sales Funnels And How To Create One

Sales funnels in simple terms, are a process to get your visitors to go through a capture page where you can collect their name and email and then follow up with them using emails with more Call To Actions to try to convert them into a paying customer.

Types of Sales Funnels

There are many types of sales funnels that have a specific purpose and you can build any of these in ClickFunnels or you can use GetResponse to create basic sales funnels. I suggest Getresponse for beginners, it’s cheaper and you get sales funnels along with all email marketing features.

Here are some basic sales funnels you can use as a beginner, to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

The Homepage Funnel

The Homepage Funnel lets you have a common home page, but turned into a lead funnel. The first page is used to tell the story about your business and to get your visitors to opt-in. Below sign up form you should have some popular products or pages so that visitors who don’t want to opt-in have some other things to click on.

The Squeeze Page Funnel

The goal of a squeeze page is to get your visitors email address. The best thing you can do to get the highest conversion rate on your squeeze page is to use a curiosity-based headline. The better you do this, the more probably they will give you their email address, so focus on curiosity to get them to opt-in.

The Sales Letter Funnel

This funnel uses a long-form sales letter to sell the product or service. With the sales letter funnels you sell your front end product, and then add upsold and downsells directly after the main offer to increase the average cart value.

The Membership Funnel

Membership Funnels are used to get people into membership sites and paid newsletters. The first page of the funnel should contain a signup form for some type of trial. After opt-in, they are sent to thank you page, where you provide a link to create their account in the member’s area. After they create a username and password, they unlock the content.

The Survey Funnel

A survey funnel has two goals. To help your visitors engage with you and to figure out who your visitors are, so you can show them a different sales message based on who they are.

The Lead Magnet Funnel

A lead magnet funnel is like any other opt-in funnels, but with a difference that you should give something away in exchange for your visitor’s email address. It may be a pdf report, video, checklist, cheat sheet, etc.

The Hero Funnel

Let people know who you are and how to connect with you. Use a Hero Funnel to introduce your skills and your story to your visitors, while building a list of followers. With this funnel, you should share your bios and try to get visitors to join your email newsletter and then asking them to follow you on your social media accounts.

The Webinar Funnel

This funnel will get people to register for your webinar and attend them. The Webinar Funnel gives you more time to convert your visitors, as most webinars last for at least one hour. With Webinar Funnels, visitors go through two phases, registration for the webinar and phase of attending the webinar.

The Auto Webinar Funnel

Auto webinars can automatically sell your products non stop. You get your visitors to register for the webinar on the registration page, then they are sent to a confirmation page where they can choose the date and time for the webinar.

The Ask Campaign Funnel

You can find out what your customers want before you create it for them. For further reading about the Ask method, I suggest visiting Ryan Levesque’s AskMethod. Use an Ask Campaign funnel to discover what your visitors want and then create your content that will solve their problems.

How to Build a Sales Funnel Fast

Build sales funnels fast

Sales Funnels With GetResponse

Now, I’m going over GetResponse’s feature of the autofunnel. I am a big supporter of GetResponse, I’ve used it myself but since I started this website I have to try others too.

You can use GetResponse for everything. You can build landing pages, store to list your products, sales pages, confirmation pages, pop-ups, opt-in forms, and webinars straight from the GetResponse dashboard.

There’s a lot of these marketing funnels going around and getresponse has definitely stepped up their game. They want to take advantage of marketing funnels so they can get those people to use their platform instead of other platforms.

You can create huge affiliate marketing funnels and generate leads and they will track everything for you, all your rates and all those awesome things.

Autofunnel is using pre-made sales funnels so you can sell digital and physical products online. It contains over 40 scenarios optimized for conversion and created by experts.

GetResponse Autofunnel is easier to use and a lot more affordable when compared to platforms like Clickfunnels.

With all the features from an email marketing service, Autofunnel adds more amazing features:

  • Landing pages
  • Web forms
  • Exit-intent popups
  • Sales pages
  • Drip emails
  • Stores for your products
  • Abandoned order emails
  • Automated order confirmations
  • Multiple payment processor integrations
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Webinars

How To Create Autofunnel With Getresponse In 5 Steps

If you choose to sell a product you can create a store with your own products, like PDF for example. Then when you go back to the autofunnel, you can just take something from your store and put it on a landing page, on a thank-you page, and you can put it into your autofunnel on a page that you created with GetResponse and then someone can buy it.

You can connect four different payment processors to collect payments and setting it up is so easy.

Step 1: Create a GetResponse Account

If you don’t have a GetResponse account, you can sign up for a free trial.

Then go to your GetResponse dashboard and click on the growth tools menu and choose Autofunnel.

Sales funnels GetResponse

Step 2: Enter Your Marketing Funnel Details

Enter your funnel name and select your preferred goal. You can sell a product, build your email list or promote your webinar and then click on create a funnel. Let’s say that you want to sell your ebook in PDF format.

Now choose your sales funnel type. It can be a full or quick sales funnel.

Sales funnels GetResponse

The full sales funnel starts from the signup page and have 6 stages like sales page, confirmation page, abandon recovery, a confirmation email.

The quick sales funnel starts from the sales page and include a product checkout page and confirmation email. The quick sales funnel has 3 stages only.

I suggest that you select the full sales funnel because you’ll be able to educate and more likely to convert leads into customers.

Step 3: Create Your Store

Sales funnels GetResponse

Click on create a store and choose a name for your store. If you have a store on Shopify or Magento, you can connect it by clicking on connect an existing store.

Set your currency and click on create. Make sure the currency you choose is the same as the currency of your payment processor.

Click “let’s do this” to add products to your store and select the type of product you’re offering. It can be a downloadable file, an online course hosted on some platform, service or a physical product.

Sales funnels GetResponse

Then give your product a title and a description and select a price before you upload an image. Use only high-quality images because this image will be a cover image for your product.

Select how will you provide your product to customers, and since we are selling a digital product, enter its URL.

Then select the list where you want to add your customers. Getresponse automatically creates a new list when you set a name for your Autofunnel so you’ll see a list titled exactly the same as your Autofunnel.

Your buyers will be added into this new list by default but you can change that by selecting another list. When you fill all the details click save.

Step 4: Connect Your Payment Processor

Click on your payment processor to connect it with GetResponse so you can receive payments coming from your sales page. You can connect with PayPal, Stripe, BlueSnap, and PayU. GetResponse won’t charge any transaction fees or any extra charges for selling your products through autofunnel.

Step 5: Create Your Pages and Set Autoresponder

Click on the name of your funnel and you’ll see all phases of your funnel. You need to edit each phase.

Getresponse sales funnels

Click on the “create a signup page” and you’ll find over 30+ templates for products like eBooks, downloads, courses, physical products, services, and webinars. Pick one and edit it using drag and drop builder.

Then click on “create an email” to create an autoresponder email to welcome your leads. GetResponse has many email templates so you can choose a template, edit it, and you are good to go.

Now click “create a sales page” to create a page where your visitors can buy your products. Of course, they have many templates for this.

Now click add a confirmation page to build a page where your visitors will be redirected once they complete their purchase. This is the page to deliver your downloadable file.

That’s it, your marketing funnel is ready to go live just click on the “enable” button and you’re done.

GetResponse will show all the analytics in the visual chart and you can edit any part of your funnel to improve conversion rate.

Tell me, are the marketing funnels part of your current strategy?

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