What Is Influencer Marketing And Does It Work?

In this post, I’m going to be talking about what influencer marketing actually is and how you can use it in 2020.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

First of all, let’s understand what is influencer marketing.

It is a type of marketing where you use influencers to promote your products or websites. An influencer is an individual or a group of people who encourage other people to take action.

You have to realize that you don’t directly promote to a particular audience with influencer marketing. Instead, you identify authorities in your niche and drive your message through them. The reason this works is that these authorities have earned the trust of your target audience.

Influencer marketing is becoming bigger and bigger thanks to social media and all its influencers with large followings. The best platforms for influencer marketing, in my opinion, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook because there is a huge number of people on those platforms that are following influencers.

When we talk about traffic we always like to think about how can we get in front of people, and one of the best ways to get in front of them is through influencers marketing. Influencers marketing is generally cheaper than traditional marketing and you can reach out to influencers to promote your opt-in pages to build your own email list, or just to drive a lot of people to your site.

Types Of Influencers

We have two different types of influencers that are both great in particular ways.

First type is New Age digital influencers like Instagram celebrities or YouTubers who have many followers. You can reach out to them to promote your services or your pages to build an email list. Here the audience is interested in that person and not in any particular topic.

The second type is a blog, Instagram account, or Twitter account. Here people don’t recognize the person behind it but they recognize the topic they like to comprehend.

Those are the two types of influencers, they both influence people but one is a person and one is more topic-based. You can actually reach out to them through social media and ask them to promote your affiliate product, landing page or your website.

You just have to pay them and they’re going to send traffic to your website. They can make an Instagram post for you and promote your offer, or your opt-in page. They can make YouTube videos for promotion or whatever they do.

How To Find Influencers?

Go through social media and look for influencers, look for brands or topics that aren’t traditional influencers that maybe aren’t used to getting reached out. Don’t expect a response every time. This is kind of a numbers game and some people will respond right away, for some people it takes time, some people might just get so many messages they don’t even see yours. So be patient and expect you have to reach out to a large number of people before you will get an actual answer.

The tip I have for you is that when you’re doing influencer marketing you don’t want to just look at how many followers they have or how many subscribers they have. That’s actually not the most important metric. The most important metric is engagement. Investigate how many people are actually engaging with this person’s content.

When you just like pictures on Instagram that doesn’t take a lot of time but what does take more time is making a comment. And that is the number one engagement metric that you should look for.

Does influencer marketing really work?

Influencer marketing works great. It doesn’t only produce leads but it also builds trust among your customers because influencers are usually people who are specialized in your targeted audience. Influencer marketing is very powerful and has a better return on investment than traditional marketing.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

This is an amazing strategy for driving traffic to your website and when you find the right influencers and you have the right offers or the right products you can make a lot of money.

The quality of content is the basis of a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Also, the crucial element to how well your influencer marketing campaign will do is how relevant the audience actually is. It’s not about the size of the audience but how relevant the fans are, and how much they care about the creator’s content.

A successful influencer marketing campaign takes time and after the first few posts, you should see results in revenue increase and brand awareness. However, after a good few months, your campaign will really start to show the big results.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is a strategy you can use to get your products or services promoted on blogs. There are blogs in all kinds of niches, whatever business that you’re in, there’ll be some kind of blog relevant for you. The bloggers have influence over their audience and when they speak about your product or your service that will most likely affect their audience.

Types of Blogger Outreach

The type of blogger outreach depends on your offer, and here is a couple of usual types:

Sponsored posts

With a sponsored post, you basically pay the blogger to write about your product. The price for a sponsored post mostly depends on the authority of bloggers and the number of their followers. It’s important to tell you that the Advertising Standard Agency the ASA, expects from the bloggers to notify when the post has been paid for.

Product reviews

With product reviews, you’re supposed to send products to bloggers in the expectation that they like it and they will review it on their blog. There’s no guarantee that a blogger is going to like or review your product. So you can consider combining this with a sponsored post, where you reach out and pay the blogger to review the product that you’ve sent them.

Product feature

A little bit similar to the product review. In a product feature, a blogger is just going to talk about your product, they’re not necessarily gonna feature it and run a full review.


Giveaways are great because they’re a good way for you to leverage that blogger’s audience. It also looks great for the influencer, because they’re essentially giving something to their audience. They’re providing additional value for that audience other than just sharing the stuff.

Make sure that you spend some time checking out their blog so that you know what you’re selling or what you’re offering is a good fit for their audience. If it’s not a good fit, they’re not gonna feature you.


Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where you use influencers to promote your product, blog or affiliate link.

As I said before, influencers are persons who encourage other people to take some kind of action. Two main types of influencers are:

New-age digital influencers can be found on social media and their audience is interested in them and not in any particular subject are the first type.

Blogs and social media accounts where the audience is interested in a particular topic.

Blogger Outreach is a strategy that you can use to grow your business by getting visibility in front of a blogger’s audience.

There are a few different types of Blogger Outreach. Sponsored content, product features, and product reviews. Successful bloggers are busy so cut straight to the point and make sure that what you’re offering is compelling for them.

Are you thinking of utilizing influencer marketing to boost your business?

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