Useful Tools And Resources to Help You On Your Way To Passive Income

Here I’m gonna talk about free tools and resources that you can use in your online business to help you make money with it. Eventually, I recommend that you invest in premium features of tools you like because the free version almost always has some restrictions.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy affiliate

I’ll tell you exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is, the two ways you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate and is this platform really the right thing for you.

I’m really suspicious when it comes to joining a program that should teach you how to make money online, especially when I know that this program is paying out big commissions to people who promote it to others.

There are so many so-called business opportunities out there that sound great at first, but when you take a closer look at them, it almost always turns out that the only way to make money really is to first pay a big amount of money upfront, and later, the only thing you learn is how to sell that same business opportunity to other people in order to make a big commission.

This just seems really wrong and stupid to me, and I don’t want to be the guy who invests time and money in this kind of programs, and I also don’t want to be the guy who promotes these kind of stuff to other people and make them lose money eventually.

And that’s what my first thought was when I first heard about Wealthy Affiliate.

However, I did go to the website, and I did sign up for a free membership to see for myself what this website is really about. And I was actually surprised to see that their website looks quite legit compared to other websites I saw.

There’s no video playing with some guy talking about how they can make you rich in 30 days. They say that Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for affiliate marketers of all levels. And when you browse a bit further, you get a good idea about what Wealthy Affiliate really is.

It’s essentially a training platform that educates people how to make money blogging. They don’t use the word blogging on their website, but that’s really what they teach. It’s a technique to make money online that’s been around for a long time, and here’s how it works.

First, you choose a topic that your blog will be about. This is called a niche. This could be anything really, but the more specific your niche is, the easier it’ll be to make money because there’s less competition.

Then you set up your website and start writing posts about questions and topics that people are searching for online. You’ll try to optimize your articles for certain keywords so that search engines will rank your articles high in search. That’s how people find your blog, and how your website will actually get traffic.

In order to make money with your website, you’ll have to include affiliate links in your posts. What you do is you start looking for products that relate to your posts. Then you sign up for the affiliate program of these products, and you’ll get an affiliate link, that you can integrate into your posts.

Then when somebody clicks your affiliate link and buys the product, you will get a commission. And that’s actually what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, and it’s the first way you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate, by actually going through their program, and executing what they teach.

The basic training contains five courses, and each course has 10 lessons. These lessons contain explanations, videos, and step-by-step instructions. There are also assignments given in each lesson, so you can implement what you learned right away. After you complete a task, you can mark it as complete, and move on to the next one.

Wealthy affiliate courses

Under each lesson, there is a discussion section that you can use to ask questions and get help from the Wealthy Affiliate community. You’ll quickly notice that the whole platform is designed so that people can help each other out easily. And this is what I like the most. A community filled with people who are doing the same as I do that are ready to help you solve any problem you can have.

It does have a sort of Facebook social media feel to it sometimes, in a good way though. You can add people as friends, join discussions, or write blog posts for the Wealthy Affiliate community. There is also a live chatbox that you can use to ask questions and get instant help from experienced members.

They also have their own website hosting, website builder, keyword research tools, thousands of themes for your website, and a lot more than you can use for free as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

So again, the first method you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate is by actually going through the training, building your blog, ranking your blog in search engines, and monetizing it by promoting affiliate products in your articles. If you like to write articles, and you’re in it for the long term, this is a great way to make money online, and Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start learning this step by step.

They also provide you with pretty much every tool you need to build your blog so you can save some money by not paying for third party software and services like hosting keyword research, or website builders.

When I started to go through the training, I was surprised and thrilled, this is actually what I’ve been looking for a long time. A step-by-step guide on how to build an affiliate marketing business from start to finish, that also comes with a community that can answer my questions at any point in my journey.

So after the first few lessons I took, I lost all of my suspicion that I had when I first signed up for this platform, and I realized that it’s actually really amazing. However, I still didn’t quite have an understanding of how long it would take me to make money with what they teach.

After all, the goal of anyone joining this platform is to make money, right?

So I looked at some success stories to get an idea of what is possible here, and there are quite a lot of these stories. Some of them are making over $10,000 per month with their websites, others have been able to make a decent passive income too.

Wealthy affiliate success stories

What I think is important to be aware of though, is that these results took months or even years, and certainly didn’t happen overnight. So if you’re looking to get rich quick, I don’t recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate, because what they teach is how to build a longterm and sustainable online business, and that takes hard work and time.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free membership and premium membership. When you join Wealthy Affiliate by signing up with your email address, you’re automatically a free member. And you have access to the first 10 lessons of the main course. You can also start building your first website with this free membership.

For the first month, you have the possibility to upgrade to a premium membership for $19 instead of $50 per month. The second month will then be $50 for a premium membership. With this premium membership, you unlock all the rest of the training, and you have access to live and instant support. You also get a lot more tools and services for your website.

However, it’s completely free to start with Wealthy Affiliate, and you don’t even have to give them any credit card information. So what I recommend is to sign up for a free membership, and then go through the first couple of lessons to get a feel for the community, for the platform, and most importantly, for the training.

The second way you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate is by promoting the platform to other people. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best affiliate programs that pays you almost 50% commission recurring revenue each month. This is why Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best affiliate programs in my opinion.

It’s actually an amazing platform that’s been around since 2004, and the training inside of this platform is really good and up-to-date, so the people that you refer to this platform, are actually gonna be thankful because you’ve shown them exactly what they needed.

It’s very easy to get referrals. Because you’re promoting a free membership, all you have to do is send them free members, and you’ll earn a commission once your free members upgrade to a premium membership.

You don’t even have to be a premium member to start earning commissions by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You can also do that with a free membership. However, the commissions will be double as much with a premium membership as with a free membership.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate has a training program that includes 70 lessons that will teach you step-by-step on how to start promoting Wealthy Affiliate and start earning commissions.

When you reach 300 premium referrals within one calendar year, Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, will invite you to a four-day super affiliate conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid.

Can I actually recommend Wealthy Affiliate to someone who wants to start making money online?


In my opinion, it’s one of the very few legit programs out there that actually teach you how to build a sustainable online business. And compared to almost every other course out there, it’s completely free to start and see for yourself if this is the right thing for you.

For almost every other course, you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to even see the first part of the training. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when starting an online business is that they jump around from one thing to another. There’s actually a term for that which is Shiny Object Syndrome.

Building an online business takes time, and patience is very important. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should sit around and just be patient and wait for success. You do need to work hard and focus, and when something doesn’t work, you have to find another way to do it.

And what you get with Wealthy Affiliate is a step-by-step training and a community that will keep you focused on one business that has longterm potential to make you a full-time income online. It doesn’t matter if you want to make money by creating a blog, by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, or by doing both.

So go ahead and get your free membership right now.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions. I read all the comments I get, and I try to answer any questions that you have the best I can.

HubSpot Academy Review

HubSpot Academy is a great source for marketers and sales professionals to improve their skills and learn new areas of online business. So if you’re interested in learning new skills or improving your presentation skills in marketing or sales or even design keep on reading.

HubSpot is the company that’s behind the inbound methodology and one of the SM foundational certification programs that you can take online for inbound marketing.

If you complete any of the certifications you’ll get a badge that you can add to your LinkedIn profile or your CV. One thing that’s really great about HubSpot certifications is that they are actually recognized by the industry and once you have that on your CV it will help to really strengthen the impression about you.

What I can really recommend you to do is to take some of these certifications because these are definitely recognized by the industry and once you complete them you’ll be ready to improve your affiliate business.

You will have to sign up if you don’t have an account in order to sign up for free courses.

You can find lots and lots of courses that are for different specialties such as content marketing, email marketing, website design, Instagram marketing strategy, email marketing strategy, YouTube marketing and so on.

This is a big library of free online training and anyone who is interested to have an online business will benefit from this.

There are different sections of the course and for each section, you’ll see how many videos are there and the total duration in minutes. They’re all video lessons and for each lesson you can hear the lesson overview, you can read more about the lesson professor when you click on the resources tab.

You can download the slides and the transcript if you’re interested. You can also download the study guide in a PDF format. It is really well prepared and it is really helpful if you want to improve your skills in any of the areas of online business. HubSpot Academy is a perfect free source for any marketer or sales professional in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed the information and that you’ll find some interesting courses that will help you to boost your career and grow your business.

Have you already used the platform which and which courses you took?

If you haven’t taken any courses yet, let me know in the comments which ones you found interesting and which ones you are considering of starting.

SkillShare Review

Skillshare is a website where people can be taught all kinds of things. It’s basically like a YouTube dedicated to tutorials of whatever it is that you want to learn.

Whether you want to learn more about entrepreneurship or learn how to get your videos ranked on YouTube, learn how to do knitting, how to be a better piano player, how to play the violin or you want to learn how to do accounting. Whatever it is you want to learn and advance yourself can be found on Skillshare.

I decided to go ahead and take advantage of Skillshare about a month ago because they had a coupon for you to try SkillShare for two months for free. After that you have to pay 15$ per month or 99$ annually.

You get unlimited access to all kinds of lessons and tutorials and these tutorials generally done by people who are experts in their fields when it comes to business and all kinds of different things.

I spent already many hours on Skillshare learning all kinds of cool skills and things I never would have known before if I hadn’t joined Skillshare.

You probably could find some of these lessons on YouTube itself, but I would recommend Skillshare because it makes it a lot easier to find courses you want to take. Quality of videos on Skillshare is better because these are geared towards helping you learn, and these teachers make their lessons the more attention-grabbing because they generally get more money from the Skillshare platform. More tutorials that we watch the more they’re gonna make.

You can create your login through your regular email and make a password or you can actually log in with your Facebook account and make it even more simple. There is a Skillshare app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. I recommend you get the app because you can download lessons as well, just click a little button under the video and you can take them anywhere you want.

I think it’s definitely worth your time no matter what it is that you want to learn. It’s better and more informative because these people are actually getting paid for teaching you versus people on YouTube who may or may not be getting paid.

So go ahead and check out Skillshare it’s definitely worth your time and you can cancel at any time. Give it a free shot for 2 months with the link that I have down below. I’m glad that I joined Skillshare, I learned a lot and I plan to learn a lot more.

SEMRush Marketing Tool Review

Semrush marketing tool

I’m going to explain how you’ll be able to run thousands of keywords and much more using this amazing tool.

There are so many SEO tools out there and it can be hard for you to decide which one do you choose, and how can you improve your productivity and do the same thing but better or faster or more automated.

SEMRush is an all-in-one tool and you’ll have so many features and so many things that you can do with this tool. I’ll mention a couple of things and the rest you can explore by yourself if you decide to try it.

They recently divided all their features by toolkits.

That way it’s easier for you to find it because before it was a little bit hard to find what you need. But now it’s very easy to find everything. I’ll start with the Keyword Magic Tool first, from the SEO toolkit where you can do competitive research.

Semrush keyword tool

The Keyword Magic Tool is going to tell you everything you need to do keyword research. It’ll give you more ideas, it will tell you how many people search for this, a monthly cost per click for each keyword, and also keyword difficulty or how hard is it to rank for that keyword based on the data.

You can put a domain from a competitor or somebody that it’s outranking you. Or somebody that is just doing really really well and you just want to know what the hell they’re doing. This tool will tell you how many backlinks they have, what keywords are they’re optimizing for, which ones are driving the most traffic, and what are they doing in general with their website. It can also analyze and estimate how much traffic they get.

It will track your keywords nonstop so you can actually see your progress and also show you what you’re doing wrong which is absolutely awesome. You can do an SEO audit and on-page SEO check to see how well your site is optimized and what you should do to make it better.

SEMRush also has a Link Building Tool that can tell you the links from your competitors so that you can go and pitch your idea and actually steal those links.

Semrush link building tool

You can also monitor your backlinks and make sure there’s nothing spammy there.

From there we’re going to the next one which is the Advertising Toolkit.

Semrush advertising research

If you do PPC advertising you are going to love this. It can spy on your competitor’s ads and show you which keywords they are bidding. This is the only tool that you need to have a very successful advertising campaign. The next one is the Social Media Toolkit.

Semrush content media toolkit

This is like a HootSuite where you can post and schedule your posts on social media accounts. You can see analytics and tracking and how well you’re doing.

With Content Toolkit, you can get ideas about a specific niche industry whatever it is.

Semrush topic research

It’ll give you hundreds and hundreds of questions and keywords of what people are searching for. You can just grab those keywords and create your content around those keywords. You’ll have hundreds of ideas on what to do to attract more traffic and these are going to be easy to rank for keywords.

Competitive Research toolkit will help you to check everything from your competitors and compare your site to theirs.

Semrush competitive research

SEMRush is all in one tool but it isn’t one of those tools that are just cheap and unreliable. This product is actually pretty good, it’s very reliable so definitely check this out.

Whether you’re an SEO expert or you’re just trying to get some traffic to your website you’ll absolutely love this tool. Their free plan is limited but with so many tools included it will still help you to understand what should be done to improve your online business. So go ahead and try it for free.

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